Monday, 30 June 2014


By Azanleko Augustina

Considering the world’s prevalent revolvment around Information and communication technology (ICT), the need for educational technology in Institutions across the globe is undisputable. Nations’ Education sectors are conceiving new ideas to foster change, enhance development, and create ease in teaching and learning.  Continents such as Europe, America, and Asia are making tremendous progress through various research and information technology designs. In West Africa, Nigeria precisely, the Information and communication technology has been a welcomed development over the years. ICT solutions have contributed immensely to Academic and Administrative tasks on daily basis. Operational effectiveness and efficiency in schools is on the increase, and the emergence of Information systems and application softwares like the popular Krystal Digital School portal system has added value to Education as a whole.

The School portal management system software application designed by Krystal Digital is an educational technology that enables schools performs administrative and academic activities “in all round comfort”. It’s a browser-based, user-friendly electronic management system designed to eradicate operational limitation by eliminating factors such as; time consumption, errors, and data loss. The exceptional nature and solutions provided by the Krystal Digital School portal management system has been the force of attraction towards stakeholders since inception. Parents, teachers, school authorities, and students embrace the education technology innovation as a result of the enormous benefits derived.
The school portal system is a platform independent innovation designed to solve school academic tasks “anywhere and anytime”. The era of teachers over populating the staff room for result computation and compilation has been eradicated by the browser-based and platform independence nature of the Krystal Digital portal system. This makes it easy for teachers to compile students result from any location and via easily accessible medium at their convenience. All school management needs is fully integrated in a remote access portal which makes information quick at hand, also creating ease for users due to its portability. Also, the integration of the portal into a modern website creates a base for the disposal of school activities information.
Data loss and certain logical errors has always been an issue in recent time. Students registration, Report card generation and score sheet computation is exposed to errors often as a result of its vulnerability. The Krystal Digital school portal system is designed to keep users database and records electronically. Unlike the prominent paper works, this provides security measures against unconducive and error-prone occurrences.
Aware of the world becoming a global village, people across the globe are now conforming to the prevailing ICT trends. Krystal Digital school portal system does not only proffer solutions to school admin and academics problems, but its nature requires a minimal technical knowhow base for operations; thereby creating ICT awareness for staff, students, and even parents.
Finally, the popular Krystal Digital school portal allows parents to monitor their ward from any distance. Attendance history, merit points, and periodic reports can be reviewed without visiting the schools of their children and wards. Students can monitor their progress by communicating with teachers, downloading assignments, Registering subjects, and other academic activities. This innovation is contributing to the growth and development of education. Stakeholders across the federation are continually embracing the popular Krystal Digital school management portal. Thanks to Krystal Digital’s great foresight of transforming schools, increasing operational efficiencies and productions using ICT solutions.

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