Monday, 9 June 2014


By Elizabethmary Ogah

Wandering what SIMS is? School Information Management System; is a virtual system that helps a school to manage its operations. It is a cabinet system that encompasses all aspects of school administration, such that it can store complete profile of staff and students, students’ academic performances, information as regards fee schedules and payments, lesson notes, and lots more.
  The acceptance of web and internet technology had been daunting especially to government owned secondary institutions (both state and federal). This is why parents of school aged children would prefer to enrol their wards in private school with a simple reason of a wide technological acceptance. This menace is gradually facing out with Krystal’s ability to introduce SIMS, also known as school portal system, to about 26% of unity schools in Nigeria.  
   Generally, schools in the Northern part of the country – North East, North South and North Central – are not so forward in the acceptance of technological

advancement. This is due to the clamour against western intrusion prevalent in the region. However, the SIMS technology is one that should not be given a second thought bearing in mind its numerous advantages.  

Recently, smiles beam the faces of staff and students of FGBC Apo-Garki, Abuja as the school also adopted the School Portal System by KDNS. Students can now view their profiles and results, view and submit assignments as well view recent events and updates online.
It is our hope that more Unity colleges, especially those in the North, embrace technology and key into the SIMS idea. So are you a stake holder? Visit to view their website and to login to the school portal for staff and students.

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  1. Considering the present Insecurity issue(BOKO-HARAM) in the north,i can boldly say that the KDSIMS is a welcomed development.