Monday, 16 June 2014


By Olamide Olatunji

Over the years, private schools have been tremendously rated over our prestigious indigenous unity schools. Research has shown that the gap between these overrated private schools and our unity schools is undoubted, with their innovative activities and advancement in “Information Technology”. This had been a major obstacle impeding unity schools from getting to the top in several educational ratings years back. The restriction to this glory saddens the students and ex-students of unity schools, despite the huge believe and a glaring fact that unity schools are far better than these private schools academically based on their phenomenal astounding performances in several educational competitions across the nation.
However, the need to bridge the gap between private schools and unity schools has been a vast and gigantic task to some group of old students of unity schools on the platform of IT, which led them to come together as an IT body under the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) registered name Krystal Digital Network Solutions Ltd.  Krystal Digital as an IT Solution company handles all kinds of Software Applications, Web Designing, and also caters for all kind of IT problems. Sequel to the reason why Krystal Digital was formed, and with the help of their exposure on IT around the world, an educational initiative called “School Information Management System” (SIMS) was eminently pioneered by Krystal Digital, inclusive with a standard upgraded  website in which the School Information Management system was integrated.
Krystal’s initiative has come to proffer solution to the IT challenges of unity schools, being in line with the introduction of ICT to these schools, simultaneously bridging the gap between private schools and our unity schools.
Currently, a large number of unity schools across the nation have adopted this educational initiative, in which their administrative/students’ records are accumulated into a user friendly database platform. SIMS has advantages; eases teachers’ stress and gives them the privilege to be IT inclined, inputting their scores and computing grades, and uploading assignments online in the comfort of their various homes. It also engages parents in monitoring their ward’s progress effectively, and getting recent updates of activities in the school with the upgraded website offered with no cost, in the cause of meeting up with the aim of giving back to our dearest unity schools.
In the nation’s education sector today, it cuts across beyond the shadow of doubt, that unity schools now top several recent educational ratings, seen as ICT inclined schools, and also meeting up with the moving trend with the help of their newly imbibed ICT initiative powered by Krystal Digital.
 The undisputed spectacular product/services that Krystal renders now gives the brand “Krystal” a full recognition in the ministry of education as one of the corporate bodies adding to the growth of the educational sector in the federation. At Krystal Digital, one of the major tasks is to rescue unity schools from the archaic, traditional paper-method of managing schools, thereby bridging the gap between the private schools and our unity schools, currently extending it to over fifty unity schools, and striving to accommodate many more under the umbrella where solutions are fetched.


  1. Am not denying the fact that Krystal management system has contributed immensely to the growth of unity schools across Nigeria,but do you think our unity schools now has an edge over the private schools as a result of the introduction of krystal SIMS(information tech)? How about standard/adequate facilities, Academics, and students' welfarism? But Nevertheless, kudos to Krystal Digital.looking forward to more from you guys

  2. @anonymous if you would agree with me,there is an existence of this huge gap between the private and public school in many areas ranging from administration,staffing,use of modern technology teaching aids, teaching techniques, academic processes,I.T to mention a few. this gap can not be filled overnight that is why there's a need for more interventions on the unity schools before they go totally ''extinct''. i think Krystal has been able to reduce this gap in terms of making the schools embrace the use of ICT in running their affairs and that could be said to be just one of the many steps that will be need to be taken before the unity schools can totally be restored to every students 1st choice and desire for a secondary education in nigeria.