Tuesday, 3 June 2014


By Ayorinde Ayoola

Incompatible with the popular saying; “All that glitter is not gold”, the glimmering and premium educational technology of Krystal school information management system (SIMS) has made the “School portal system” a pristine innovation to be reckoned with across the nation’s education sector; Northern region inclusive. The Krystal school information management system encompasses the accumulation of all administrative and academic tasks into a user friendly database. It entails a portal system incorporated in a free state of the art website which aid school management, academic tasks, and parental monitoring. The remote access portal, platform independence, and browser-based facilitates the need of “Krystal school portal system” in all schools of the federation especially the Northeast’.

In recent years, insecurity has played a major role in the restriction of communication and bilateral relationship between the Northeast region and other parts of the country. This includes Trade, commerce, and even education.

However, the emergence of information technology is beginning to bridge the gap. The existence of social networks, email, Internet, and the Krystal school management portal technology has contributed immensely to the ease information communication. Laying emphasis on the Krystal school management portal, controlled by the best remote support tools which facilitates data migration and importation easily without the fear of obstruction or loss. Citing the northeast as a case of study, there could be a bridge of constant serenity at any point in time as a result of violence which may cause loss of students/staff data. But the Krystal digital control and remote support tools remotely migrate and import data, therefore making the Krystal SIMS a reliable and safe base for data rather than written paper documents.

The parent portal is designed for parents to directly monitor and participate in their wards education by retrieving attendance history, discipline/merit points, and periodic reports in past/current terms, etc. This saves parents from the risk of plying the road often. Parents can now monitor their children and wards in the northeast unity schools from anywhere in the world.

Data backup is very essential to avoid system failures or glitches in operation. It is needed for security measures against fire out breaks, violence leading to destruction, and theft. Currently, this cannot be ignored or underestimated considering the political unrest in the northeast part of the country. Data backup managed by Krystal digital support staff ensures that staff and students data are protected against loss.

Lastly, the quick response time by Krystal support staff enables the school management to have access to any need whenever they are indisposed. There are times when conflict and violence in the northeast part of Nigeria has led to a state of emergency in the states, thereby causing disruption of duties. Whenever such situations arise, Krystal back up personnel provides quick and efficient response to impromptu concerns.

In conclusion, I believe that the procurement of solutions to problems is far greater than the value of gold. You’ll agree with me that the problem of insecurity in the northeast further “Krystalizes” the need for school portal not just in our dear unity schools, but in every academic institution. This makes Krystal uncommon among its contemporaries. At Krystal digital limited, solutions are not farfetched!

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